Building Innovative Engineering Solutions For Businesses


We help businesses automate and accelerate their existing processes, or implement new cost-efficient solutions that increase throughput.

{Expertise} Here are some of the technologies that we use in delivering scalable and adaptable solutions for your needs.

Systems Design

Systems Design

Ensure system scalability and fault-tolerance, so that your business is always up, irrespective of the traffic.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

Helping you keep your services up and running, and making necessary customization required to adapt to the ongoing changes.

QA and Testing

QA and Testing

Automated and continuous monitoring that makes quality checks faster and cost-efficient assuring both quality and timely delivery.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Deploy services on leading Cloud Computing providers such as AWS and Google Cloud, making use of their multiple microservices.

Data Science

Data Science

Leverage your data, big or small, structured or unstructured, to gain insights into your most challenging business problems.

Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI

NLP, Predictive Analytics, and Computer Vision to design smart systems that speed-up processes and reduce human error.

{UseCases} Here are some of the domain-specific use cases that we have worked on in the past.

Machine Learning

Intelligent Automation helps businesses detour performance tradeoffs caused by conventional methods and achieves high levels of efficiency and accuracy. IA is being used tremendously in companies nowadays, ranging from preventing malicious users from compromising your applications to managing hundreds of servers for you.

Advances made in the recent years in artificial intelligence and the cloud has given birth to a new generation of algorithms with practical application in almost every industry vertical. We at Plotlabs, have helped businesses automate some of the most time-consuming tasks improving efficiency, accuracy, and performance throughput.

Risk Management

With increasing accessibility to powerful machines and algorithms, risk management and anomaly detection have become essential. It is critical to prevent the malicious users from altering the performance of the application.

Our anomaly detection models identify unusual user patterns that do not adhere to expected behavior and takes suitable measures to prevent them from affecting other users on the platform. These models also help in system health monitoring and fault detection.

Cloud Assesment

With scale none of us have ever seen before, businesses small or large everybody is utilizing the power of the cloud. Rendering ultra high-definition 4k videos to delivering them to a million devices across the globe the cloud has made it efficient and cost-effective.

The Cloud eliminates the need for dedicated computational resources. With our in-depth knowledge of the cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, we help businesses scale quickly and securely with their increasing user base.

Predictive Analysis

Knowledge of past and present is not enough anymore. Improvements made in statistical analysis techniques and machine learning models is dramatically changing how businesses function these days. Predictive models created using these techniques can score the likelihood of a particular event happening, be it demand forecasting or credit risk estimation.

Plotlabs have helped businesses set up predictive models capable of estimating future probabilities. These models use data points that can be measured and analyzed to predict the behavior of individuals, machines or other entities.

{Testimonials} Our clients love us. Here is what they have to say about their experience with our products and services.


One Of The Best Investments We Made

Matt D. Newell - Product Manager
Their IA solution is precisely what our company needed. We admire their design sense and discipline.

We Strongly Recommend PlotLabs

Debra P. - VP Engineering
Thank you for making the entire process of scaling our existing infrastructure painless and hassle-free.

Their Team Impressed Us On Multiple Levels

Dominic M. - VP Engineering
Their team is a valuable business resource we invested in for automating some of our internal processes.

Loved Their Unique Approach

Gherardo M. - CTO
Their unique approach to problem-solving helped us scale our apps without increasing our server cost.

{Platforms} Here are some of the products and services that we use in our business solutions.